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8 Reasons to Use Beeswax Candles

Let us first state the obvious reasons: 1) it is all natural, and 2) it can be used without additives like paraffin wax (a petroleum wax). Now let’s dig a little deeper, 3) beeswax is non-toxic when burned and 4) it produces negative ions that purify the air and clears away odor while you enjoy a beautiful burning candle. 5) it is a brighter flame because it burns hotter (think of the term, white hot) the hotter a flame the whiter it becomes. 6) beeswax has a higher melting point than any other wax, it won’t melt on you at 100°F and it can handle up to 140°F, which leads us to reason 7) it takes a lot more heat to burn up beeswax (400°F) therefore, it burns longer.  And finally, 8) beeswax carries its own natural, sweet, honey fragrance and can vary with what flowers the bees pollinated from. This is God’s gift to us from His creation, the bees that help keep flowers alive, fruit growing, and provide benefits like honey and beeswax to us.

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Candle Care

The first time you light your candle prepare to burn for at least two hours to get a good even melt.  Always fold your candle’s sides in as it burns down so the flame can melt all the wax and keep from “tunneling” your candle. Beeswax candles burn best two or more hours each lighting. Never leave a candle unattended. Keep away from drafts having a still flame. Place on a flat surface to avoid spills while it burns. To have a longer lasting candle – Let It Burn. To extinguish your flame it is always best to snuff it out with a flame snuffer. If you can safely and quickly dip your wick with the snuffer in the melted wax in your candle this will help with your next lighting. Enjoy!

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Rolled and Solid Beeswax Candles

Here at Lasting Light Candles we sell two types of beeswax candles called solid and rolled. What does solid mean? It means pouring melted wax from a melting pot into a candle mold. Once the candle cools it hardens and creates  a beautiful “solid” beeswax candle. For “rolled” candles we use the same melting pot to pour the melted wax on a mold that creates sheets of wax that look like honeycombs. Once that cools and hardens we cut the sheet to the size of the candle that we are making and then tightly hand-roll the wax to form into a beautiful unique “rolled” candle.  Both styles of candles are special for their unique custom hand-made design.  It is a personal preference on choosing solid beeswax or hand rolled candles. Regardless of your choice you cannot go wrong with the best natural candle wax on the planet.

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