Naturally Sweet Aroma Uniquely Hand Made

Essential Oils

Botanical, herbal, medicinal choose your favorite in your 100% Beeswax candle


We use dried herbs to enhance the fragrance of our candles. It also adds a bit of nature’s texture and color.


Want more wax? Then poured is for you. Poured candles are denser and last longer.


Candles sheets created and hand rolled in our shop. Each candle is unique & made to order.

8 Reasons to Use Beeswax Candles

Why use beeswax candles? Lasting Light Candles are Truly sustainable and clean burning. Click below to find out more?

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Candle Care

Each Lasting Light Candle is carefully made to order and unique.  We can tell you how to care for your candle once you get it home.

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Solid and Rolled Candles




There are five differences between a rolled beeswax candle compared to a solid beeswax candle.

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100% Pure Beeswax Aromatherapy candle choices can be hard to find, so stay a while and visit with us. Lasting Light Candles products are hand rolled or poured, naturally honey-scented or essential oil fragrances.




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